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04 June 2009 @ 12:57 pm
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Welcome to blakelivelys!

This is a community for all who are fans of Blake Lively. Here you will find pictures, the newest information, fanart, videos, interviews and more of the talented actress Blake Lively. All of our entries are members locked which means you have to join the community and wait until we approve your request. Everyone can post entries but they will be moderated by our mods. If your posts weren't approved you probably did not follow our rules. So please read through the rules before joining and posting, thanks! ♥

Rules for the community:

(+) This is a community only for the actress Blake Lively and their roles, so please make sure to post only stuff about her

(+) Make sure to tag your post with the right tags. e.g. If you're posting a new photoshoot of Blake use the tag photos: photoshoot!

(+) Please put big pictures under a cut. If you wish add a preview picture above the cut

(+) Always add a subject line to your post!

(+) If you want to post fanart like icons make sure to post three preview icons no more and no less. Icons should contain Blake Lively or her characters obviously.

(+) Pimping a community is not allowed unless by a a mod or if a mod allows it!

(+) Please be kind to other members. We really do not want any drama here!

(+) If you have any questions ask them here